Green River Collective


Our Mission

Educate Shambhala Music Festival attendees about the Salmo River Ranch’s natural ecosystem and inspire them to reduce their impact on it.

Our Story

In 2010, festival-goers were evacuated from the river when someone mysteriously dyed the water green. Amidst the chaos, Scott Dale, a passionate fly fisherman and festival attendee since 2004, was keenly watching the fish when he noticed a gentleman walking along the river with a group of festival workers. He decided to introduce himself and offer a helping hand.

The gentleman turned out to be Rick Bundschuh, the property owner and ‘Dad’ of the farm. Rick being a fisherman himself, they got to telling fish stories. After nearly an hour of chatting, Rick invited Scott to return to the farm to go fly fishing after the festival. 

Weeks later Scott returned to the Ranch. Although the fishing was fantastic, he couldn’t help but notice the litter sprawled across the banks. He decided to take action and clean up the river. This experience sparked an idea to educate festival-goers about the delicate river ecosystem and how to reduce their impact on it. 

In 2011, after many email exchanges with festival organizers, the Green River Collective was founded to continue cleanup efforts during and after the festival. 

In 2012, the GRC launched the “Respect the River” campaign. They put signage from local parks, distributed buttons and stickers, and encouraged people to be environmentally conscious. AND LAUNCHED POCKET ASHTRAYs. 

In 2014, we began providing Pocket Ashtrays. 

Over the years, the GRC’s work has garnered support from volunteers, festival veterans, and the Shambhala community. It has witnessed the growth of environmental awareness and the restoration of invertebrates, fish, and other animal populations firsthand.