Green River Collective

Our Initiatives

What We Do


Spread awareness about environmental impacts and effective conservation through signage, art installations, social media, and direct outreach.

Pocket Ashtrays

Provide free portable, fireproof ashtrays and cigarette butt recycling bins across the festival to avoid butts being discarded on festival grounds or ending up in the river.

Litter Pickup

Pick up trash along the river, on the festival grounds, and in remote areas during and after the festival. This includes having a full-time volunteer dive in the water!


Deter Birds from nesting in high-traffic areas. Identify potential hazards to fish and wildlife. Even rescuing small fish from drying pools along the river.


The Pocket Ashtray initiative is led by GRC volunteer, Jack Elliman. Butt recycling bins are placed throughout the festival (including behind the ATM building downtown) and are recycled by TerraCycle Canada. Each butt recycled allows the GRC to collect money that further funds the GRC’s initiatives.